Specialist services

Dealer Level Diagnostics

Our state of the art diagnostic equipment reads the error codes generated by your vehicles Engine Control Unit to provide a full explanation of the issue, anything from a simple fault code plug in indicated by a warning light to key programming, component programming, diesel regeneration, parking brake service functions and genuine software updates. POA

TUNAP DPF Cleaning

Rather than replacing your original diesel particulate filter (DPF) with a cheap aftermarket equivalent, we use market leading manufacturer TUNAP, the only product on the market which is fully approved for use on Euro6 engines. TUNAP technology allows blocked filters to be cleaned without removing them, saving both time and money. POA

TUNAP Injection Cleaning

Direct cleaning of injector jets on common rail, pump jet or other diesel injection systems, detaches and removes gumming and deposits in the injectors, ensures an even injection jet, smooth idling and reduced fuel consumption. POA

Commercial Repairs

We undertake all aspects of commercial repairs, from routine servicing, maintenance work, MOT failure repairs to major work and welding. Our commercial ramp allows us to carry out repairs efficiently, we also keep a variety of commercial tyres in stock for convenience. POA

Gearbox Repairs

We carry out automatic and manual gearbox repairs in house. Where possible, we can repair your existing gearbox appose to supplying and fitting a second hand one, this ensures that all labour and parts are guaranteed. Whether your gearbox needs maintenance, repair or replacement - It can all be done here. It is important that your gearbox is in good working order for vehicle performance and safety. POA

Engine Rebuilding

We undertake all aspects of engine rebuilding, whether it be for performance purposes or to repair damage caused by a failed component. We frequently replace cylinder head gaskets, timing belts, timing chains, camshafts and followers. POA